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Bulldog rides a snowboard with red skis

***Breaking News... Walter will be starring in his first movie POWDER PUP, a LIONSGATE  film premiering October 2023!!!*** 

Walter is a 3 year old English Bulldog from Las Vegas, NV. His breakout role as Bodi, the snowboarding bulldog, in the upcoming Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox film "Powder Pup" premieres October 2023. Walter is a snowboarder, skateboarder and avid bone chewer. His mellow personality shines around people and pets.

Walter took an interest in skateboarding at just a few months old. Well actually he took an interest in George's skateboarding. Walter ignored his own board and would run beside his skating brother, nipping at George's heels, kissing his face, and often times jumping over his very patient brother. We didn't know if Walter was going to share George's passion for the sport and that would have been just fine.

But... when Walter was about a year old, he decided that he wanted to play with his own boardThe board noises were still scary though, so dad taught Walter to flip the board upside-down. Surely the clanging sounds would cure Walter of his apprehension. And yes, it did! Walter quickly mastered the technique of flipping his skateboard upside down, laying on it AND THEN... chewing the wheels. Several training sessions later, Walter gradually lost some of his enthusiasm for chomping on the spinning donut-shaped delights and learned the more difficult task of flipping the board upright. Now he splits his time between pushing the board with his mouth, riding on the board, and yes, still getting in a few wheel chews!

Walter's passion for skateboarding and snowboarding grows every day and his skills continue to impress with each session. Can lightning can strike twice? Walter is showing us that yes, it definitely can.

And now we can add snowboarding to this pup's skills. One trip to the slopes and within minutes Walter mastered the downhill on his snowskate. And Hollywood noticed! We spent the month of March 2022 in Montana filming for Walter's debut film, Powder Pup. We hope you're able to catch him in action at the theater or by streaming it on your favorite home entertainment channel.

Walter comes from a lineage of celebrity bulldogs--most notably Great Great Grandfather Gabe, who famously rode a rocking horse on the David Letterman show, and now cousin Solo, who is appearing in a TV series highlighting amazing pet tricks.