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George and Walter were named Dogs Of The Year 2022 by The CW Network. The show aired in December and can be seen in its entirety on YouTube.

George is the founder of skateboardK9. He started skating at 6 months old. We bought him a skateboard hoping to help burn off some of his bulldog puppy energy. It immediately became his favorite toy! Soon George began pushing the board with his snout, flipping it over, then chewing on the wheels. Next came this self-taught skater's first trick nicknamed "The Georgie 2-Step." He would walk sideways, cross-legged, front paws on the skateboard, with his back legs moving the board forward. This was funny to watch, and we thought that was the extent of his skills. 

But with each skate session George continued to amaze us by doing something even more impressive. He started running beside the board with a front paw guiding the board. Then he started standing on the skateboard, with one back paw cautiously touching the ground for balance. He really didn't know what to do next because he never saw anyone ride a skateboard.

George's biggest leap forward came during his first visit to a skatepark when he was about a year old. He heard the clanging of a skateboard and turned to see a boy shredding. He raced toward the wide-eyed kid, jumped on the kid's skateboard, and took off on his first ride! George was hooked.​

George continued to perfect his riding skills with 2 or 3 skate sessions a week. He is quite possibly the most filmed skateboarding bulldog in history. He has a growing social media presence of loyal Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube fans and has appeared in a number of local, national and international features including news articles, radio spots, media events and TV commercials. George even won a 1st Place Ribbon at the Bulldog Club of America's Nationals in the Skateboard Talent Competition.

When George wasn't skating, you might find him riding his snowboard on the slopes or catching a wave on his surfboard.

George loved the spotlight, but was happiest when he got to spend the day cruising with Walter, bringing smiles to the faces of those who were lucky enough to catch a peek of these skateboarding brothers in action. And now, three skateboarding companies have noticed their talents and sponsor our skateboarding pups.

It's fun to look at George riding, and then to look at his fans. We have never been able to figure out who was enjoying this more.